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Gough's Turf

Lawn Care

Tips for Laying Turf

  • Make sure top soil is level and free from lumps, a level surface ensures maximum root contact to the ground.
  • Lightly wet the soil in hot conditions before laying.
  • Start laying along the longest straight edge of your area.
  • Lay across the slope. never down the slope.
  • Stagger the joins in a brickwork pattern.
  • Make sure all joints are butted firmly together without gaps between turf.
  • Start watering your new turf within 20 minutes of laying.


  • Newly laid lawns need watering every day for the first two weeks.
  • Your established lawn will benefit from a deep watering once a week in hot, dry conditions.


  • To maintain a healthy weed free lawn, fertilize at least 3 times throughout the year.
  • To avoid burning your lawn, make sure you water in well after applying fertilizer.


  • Newly laid lawns can be mown approximately three weeks after laying.
  • Check that your lawns root system has started to bind with the soil before mowing.
  • For the first cut, set your mower up high, only taking off the top third of the leaf.