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Gough's Turf

About Us

Gough's Turf is a truly local
Hunter business.

Situated on the banks of the Hunter river at Long Point, just 15 minutes from the heart of Singleton.

Our 40 acres of fertile river flats allow us to produce lush healthy lawns that can be delivered fresh to your door.

Advantages of Buying Local

  • With less time between cutting and delivering to lay, your new lawn arrives strong and fresh.
  • Your new lawn is grown in your climate to suit your conditions.
  • Farm inspections are welcomed allowing you to choose a variety to suit your needs as well as giving you the complete confidence of having seen first hand the high quality lawn you will receive.


  • Farm pick up.
  • Supply only - with forklift delivery.
  • Supply and laying.
  • Site preparation arranged.
  • Free Quotes.